Over the past year, ABHIN had the opportunity to train and mentor students from two MSW programs in Arkansas. Through the School of Social Work’s Behavioral Health Integration Internship Program, MSW students at UA Little Rock and UA Fayetteville receive special training before they intern directly with primary health care providers to provide mental and behavioral healthcare at doctors’ offices and clinics in Arkansas.  “I am so excited that we are providing education and training to prepare MSW students for this important role that mental health providers play in primary care,” said Kim Shuler, CEO for Arkansas Behavioral Health Integration Network (ABHIN) who provides training to the internship participants. “It’s just been the past few years that we have realized that there is no health without mental health. We need to train our workforce if we are going to address health in a different way. I think this internship program provides the next generation of the workforce who can address both the mental and physical health issues in primary care.”

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