Speaker: Dori Haddock, LCSW, Shawn McCown, Peer Recovery Supervisor. 

Studies have shown that healthcare providers and staff can often hold stigmatizing attitudes toward patients with substance use disorder (SUD), which can lead to reduced patient empowerment and engagement, but what happens when this stigma extends toward colleagues with a documented history of SUD?

In this inaugural episode of the While You Wait Podcast, we delve into the pervasive stigma against Peer Specialists within healthcare settings. These individuals play a crucial role in bridging the gap between patients and the healthcare system by serving as advocates, confidantes, and support systems for those navigating care but often run into obstacles integrating into the care team. To provide insight, we invited Dori Haddock, LCSW and the Regional Director for Bradford Health and Shawn McCown, Peer Recovery Supervisor and Arkansas State Peer Certification Manager to join us for an honest conversation about stigma. You will hear not only about stigma but learn about ABHIN, our mission, and what work we are doing in the community. 

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