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2022 Archives

  • Addiction Medicine, Lesson 1
  • Introduction to Integrated Care Financing and ROI, Part 1
  • Introduction to Integrated Care Financing and ROI, Part 2
  • Conducting Functional Assessment Using the 5 A’s Model
  • Understanding and Addressing Psychosocial Factors in Diabetes
  • The Naloxhome Program
  • Value-Based Integrated Case Management
  • Substance Use Disorders during Pregnancy and Postpartum
  • Overview of the Comprehensive Healthcare Integration (CHI) Framework

2021 Archives

  • Colliding Emotions in Clinical Medicine: The Dialectic of Anger and Compassion
  • The Big 4Rs of Grant Development
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Integrating Primary Care: The Dimensions of the Job
  • Peer Support in a Medical Setting
  • Lessons Learned in Harm Reduction
  • Primary Care Behavioral Health in the VA: Navigating the Necessary Ingredients to Create Successful Implementation
  • Best Practices in Sharing Behavioral Health Data
  • An Origin Story about Integrated Primary Care: 1985-2021
  • Quarterly ALiNC Care Coordination Recording
  • MPC Network Webinar | Behavioral Health Integration | April 2021
  • Pediatric Models of Behavioral Health Integration
  • Sustaining the Healthcare Workforce in the COVID Era
  • Managing Suicidal Patients – Module 1
  • Managing Suicidal Patients – Module 2
  • Managing Suicidal Patients – Module 3
  • Managing Suicidal Patients – Module 4
  • Managing Suicidal Patients – Module 5
  • Managing Suicidal Patients – Module 6
  • Arkansas Functional Medicine Community Network Group
  • Care Coordination and Behavioral Health Integration
  • Re-Imagine Your Health and Wellbeing: Whole Health
  • Mental Health and COVID-19
  • 2021 CFHA Psychiatry Special Interest Group Meeting

2020 Archives

  • Managing Suicidal Patients in Family Practice
  • Managing Suicidal Patients in Primary Care
  • 2020 CFHA Psychiatry Special Interest Group Meeting
  • ROI and Business Evidence for Integrating Behavioral Health into Medical Setting
  • Where are the Psychiatrists?
  • Population Mental Health: Data, Gaps, Challenges, and Priorities: The Brain Behavior Connection
  • Integration 2.0: Advanced Applications of Integrated Care
  • Making PCBH Transformative by Infusing Context and Compassion
  • PCBH Model: Basics, Landmines, and Trampolines

Download the webinar materials here

Download the webinar materials here

Download the webinar materials here