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In Context: Digital Solutions for Integrated Behavioral Health

This presentation will seek to provide a conceptual overview of how practitioners may evaluate the utility of specific digital tools and interventions within a particular healthcare setting and context. Review of digital therapeutics and other types of digital solutions to support population behavioral health will attempt to provide context on best practices and common pitfalls of attempting to implement digital solutions.

Addressing Chronic Disease Through SDOH Strategies

Identify key Social Determinants of Health that directly influence the prevalence and management of chronic diseases, emphasizing the roles of housing, nutrition, and access to healthcare. Develop and propose targeted interventions that leverage SDOH insights to improve chronic disease outcomes in diverse populations, focusing on evidence-based practices and community partnerships. Evaluate the impact of integrating SDOH-focused strategies into healthcare systems on the management and prevention of chronic diseases, with an aim to formulate scalable and sustainable health policies.

Addiction-Related Substances and What to Do About Them

Join us for Dr. Jim Shuler’s insightful presentation on 'Addiction-related Substances and What to Do About Them.' This lecture will delve into the comprehensive treatment of Substance Use Disorders (SUD), offering a nuanced understanding of general treatment approaches. Dr. Shuler will explore the distinctive behavioral aspects and unique considerations for medical interventions across major drug groups such as alcohol, cannabinoids, dissociates/hallucinogens, nicotine, opioids, sedative-hypnotics, and stimulants, shedding light on effective strategies for managing and overcoming addiction.