Speaker: James B. Shuler, DO, MS, FACOEP, FAWM, FASAM

This presentation delves into the pervasive issue of stigma surrounding addiction, highlighting its harmful impact on individuals and communities. It also explores the science of addiction, offering insights into the neurobiological and psychiatric factors that underlie this complex condition.

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James B. Shuler, DO, MS, FACOEP, FAWM, FASAM

Dr. Shuler’s passion for addiction medicine arose from his own recovery from alcoholism over a decade ago. He began his training at Harmony Foundation and worked under and with several addiction medicine specialists in a variety of practices over the past 9 years. He is currently dual board-certified in Addiction and Emergency Medicine with a subspecialty fellowship in Wilderness Medicine. Dr. Shuler is the Medical Director for inpatient addiction treatment at the Foundry in Steamboat, Colorado, Mile High Recovery in Denver, Colorado; and Medical Director for Thrivur Health, an outpatient substance use disorder treatment clinic in Englewood, Colorado. Dr. Shuler’s medical expertise combined with his experience in long-term recovery gives him a unique understanding of both the science and stigma of addiction.